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  • Mayan Temple, and Journal Entry 1

    16 August 2010

    While in Alabama, I decided to post this to show my simple design, of a mayan temple to get the design, go here! link Difficulty out of 10: 2 This is really easy, and will very much remind you of the history of Mexico. So now, its my journal promised....

  • Temple Pop-up card testbuild

    22 August 2010

    Here is a testbuild of the Mayan Temple papercraft I released almost a week ago. Ive given you guys the chance to build it before me, and this is my bad demonstration XD. I had to use regular paper, not cardstock, so its a bit warped, but it shows that...


    05 August 2010

    Hey Everyone! Its me, the papercraftninjaman, and this is my blog! This is where i will upload all the papercraft i build, and throw in some extra stuff. Ok, this first post wont include a papercraft, but later this week, expect more! I hope you all have...

  • Advance Wars APC and Tank Papercrafts

    26 November 2010

    From the screen of the Nintendo Game to Real life! This transition to the real world is all thanks to Ninjatoes! His Website: These are two that I made in about a day. They are really easy to make, and they look awesome! UPDATE: Firefox being stupid......

  • Flan Papercraft

    07 August 2010

    Hey Everyone, this is the Flan Papercraft I built. It was very easy, and so convincing, my dog even licked it! (You can see warped areas.) This papercraft , you can find on the PaperPokes website, and it comes with optional pokemon to put on top!

  • EVE Online: Papercraft Maller

    27 September 2010

    After times of hard work, I finally reveal my not-so secret project, the EVE Online: Papercraft Maller! It is very easy, and I am proud of it :). Tommarow, check back, and there will be a template for this beauty! Also, quick question: Which ship do YOU...

  • EVE Online: Maller Template

    27 September 2010

    Here is the Template for my Papercraft Maller from EVE: Online. It is pretty simple, and definetly for beginners. :) If you build this, send me a picture, and I will post it here!